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Common Pressure Gauges
PT Phenol Pressure Gauge
Hi-Vis Pressure Gauges
Diaphragm Seal
PL Test Pressure Gauge
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Sani-Temp Sanitary Bimetal
R CIP Sanitary RTD&Thermocouple
Sanitary Thermovell
SG Sanitary Pressure Gauge
THS Sanitary Pressure Transmitter
Sanitary Pressure Switch
Temperature Transmitters
TC6,TG General Pressure Trans.
TH Heavy Duty Pressure Trans.
TM Economical Pressure Trans.
TX IS Pressure Transmitters
TE EX Pressure Transmitters
TS Submersible Pressure Trans.
XTDM Pressure Transmitters
Pressure and Temp. Switch RTD and TC Instruments Thermowells Compost Devices
Diaphragm Pressure Switch
Piston Pressure Switch
Bourdon Pressure Switch
Differential Pressure Switch
Electronic Pressure Switch
Electronic Temperature Switch
Mechanical Temperature Switch
Head type RTD and TC
Probe type RTD and TC
Mineral Insulated RTD and TC
RTD and TC for Plastics Industry
TC with Metal and Ceramik Tube
Threaded, Flanged, Welded
AISI316 SS, Inconnel, Monel, Brass
3A Sanitary Type
Bar Stock Material
Wake Frequncy Calculation
NACE Approved Material
PMI (Positive Material Identific)
OxyTemp Prob
Windrow Data Logger
Windrow Thermometer
Moisture Measurement
Compost Data Logger
Digital Thermometers
Wireless Compost Monitoring
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