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Genel Endüstri Uygulamaları Cryogenics Applications
10 pt. calibration HO Series
Star Series with K factor
Low cost Lo-Co Series, K factor
For Liquids HO Series wafer type
For Gases HO Series
For Gases Premier Series
ICE Serisi Cryogenic Tanker
ACEII Cryogenic
SY-14B Prover
ACE P5 and P6 Cryogenic Printer
ACE P8 Cryogenic Printer
Oil/Gas Applications Insertion Style
WingNut Serial Liquid/High Press.
WingNut Serial Gas/High Pressure
Grooved Serial Liquid CO2, Oil
Tri-Flo Serial Turbine meter
Subsea Serial Turbine meter
HP Insertion - for Large pipes
Saddle Serial-for Small pipes
High Pressure Applications
HHP Serial Turbinemeter
Autoclave Serial Turbinemeter
Custody Transfer Applications Sanitary Applications
API Serial Bladed Rotors
CT Serial Rimmed Rotors
3A Sanitary Serial Turbinemeter
Low Flow Applications
Mini Turbinemeter
Electronic Rate Indicator/Totaliser
Nova-Flow Serial-Single/Multi Flow
Flowstar 2000 Indicator+Totaliser
Flowstar 2005 Mass Flow Computer
2010 Printer for NOVAFlow
HIT-2A HART Transmitter
HRT1 HART Protocol Transmitter
Converters and Transmitters
CAT1 DC Supply 4..20 mA
CAT2 DC/AC Supply 4..20 mA
CAT3Lineerize,Pulse,Analog output
PET102 D/A for use with Lo-Co
PET100 Preamp for Lo-Co Series
Flow Indicator and Totaliser
HIT4U MODBUS, Data Logging
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