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ANSI Flange Dimensions 521 kB Melting Point Metals 2,67 MB Steam Table Companion 1.08 MB
EN1092 Flange Dimensions 816 kB Chemical Resistance Guide 531 kB Mconvert 465 kB
Dim. and Weights of SS Pipe 197 kB Pressure-Temperature Charts 136 kB Wrar342 284 kB
Metrik-Imperial Pipes 652 kB Stainless Steel Specifications 753 kB
Pipe Sizes and Wall Thickness 225 kB SS Chemical Mechanical 627 kB
BSP_G Thread 194 kB Metals and Corrosion Resistance 316 kB
BSPT_R Thread 330 kB Material Comparison Table 249 kB
NPT Thread 204 kB Gas Density Table 280 kB
Weld Fitting Dimensions 660 kB Specific Gravity of Gases, Liquids 246 kB
BS,JIS,ISO Thread, Flare, Orings 11,8 MB Valve Selection Guide 367 kB
O-Ring Dimensions 2,23 MB Valve Standards 614 kB
Drills and Taps 165 kB DIN Valve Standarts 741 kB
mm2 to AWG Conversions 71 kB Valves for Specific Service 182 kB
Pressure Gauge Mounting 110 kB Valve Leakage Class 278 kB
Operating/ Temp. Ranges Valves 257 kB
Valve Codes Standarts 257 kB
IP Ratings 340 kB
Hazardous Areas 531 kB
Standard Fittings 523 kB
RTD Resistance Table 340 kB
ACFM to SCFM Converter 140 kB
Ex-ATEX Standarts 3,80 MB
Flanged Pressure Class 316 kB
Material comparison 316 kB
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