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Turbin Flow Meters Cryogenics
Hoffer Collection 516 kB ICE 1,87 MB
Hoffer Mini Flow 351 kB ACE II 295 kB
Engineering Guide for Liquid 1,05 MB SY 14B Prover 1,12 MB
HO Series Gas Turbine Meters 196 kB ACE P5 and P6 Printer 191 kB
HO Series Liquid Turbine Meters 214 kB ACE P8 Electronic Printer 192 kB
HO Wafer Gas Turbine Meters 196 kB
HO Wafer Liquid Turbine Meters 210 kB Electronic
Teflon Turbine Meters 53 kB CAT 1 2-wire Transmitter 138 kB
Lo-Co Series Turbine Meters 1,1 MB CAT 2 DC/AC Transmitter 190 kB
HP Insertion Turbine Meters 241 kB CAT 3 DC/AC Transmitter 163 kB
Saddle Series Turbine Meters 89 kB Redi-Pulse Pickup Coil 195 kB
Star Series Turbine Meters 242 kB IS Redi-Pulse Pickup Coil 257 kB
Sanitary Turbine Meters 122 kB Flowstar2000 Flow Computer 630 kB
Autoclave Turbine Meters 270 kB Flowstar2005 Flow Computer 593 kB
Grooved Turbine Meters 142 kB Flowstar2007 Flow Computer 58k3 B
Tri-Flo Liquid Turbine Meters 16 kB Nova Flow & Flowstar with Printer 245 kB
Wing-Nut Liquid Turbine Meters 105 kB Hit-2a Flow Display/Totaliser 93 kB
Wing-Nut Gas Turbine Meters 52 kB HRT 1 HART Display/Totaliser 235 kB
API Custody Transfer Turbine Meters 133 kB HIT4U MODBUS, Data Logging Flow indicator 150 kB
CT Custody Transfer Turbine Meters 95 kB NovaFlow Computer 785 kB
Oval Gear Flowmetre 408 kB PET D/A Converters 165 kB
Premier Gas Series Turbine Meters 440 kB PET Preamp Signal Conditioners 192 kb
Steam Jackated Turbine Meters 361 kB Electromagnetic & Ultrasonic
HHP High Pressure Turbine Meters 561 kB Transit I AC US Flowmeters 228 kB
HO Liquid Hose Turbine Meters 196 kB Transit II Battery Flowmeters 205 kB
HO Series Spare Parts 196 kB NorMag EM Flowmeters 275 kB
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