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Pneumatic Double Bellows Pump AODB Pneumatic Double Diaphragm Pump AODD Electronic Metering Pumps PEM50
Principle Air operated with bellows
Max.Working Temp. 210 C (P..U serial)
                                    145 C (P..H serial)
                                    100 C (P..A serial)
Models PS..Shuttle drived,
              PF..Fiber-optic drived
              PX..Proximity drived
Max.Air Supply 7 Bar (All types),
Max. Flow Max.24.7 LPM for 30 serial
                  Max.62.3  LPM for 60 serial
                  Max.123 LPM for 140 serial

Connection 1/2", 3/4", 1"
Principle Air operated with diaphragm
Working Temperature 100 C (PTFE)
Working Pressure Min.2 Bar (PSD04),
                               Max.6.9 Bar (PSD24)

Suction Lift Min.2 mt. Max.8 mt. (Dry)
                                     Max.9.6 mt. (Wet)

Models PSD04,PSD06,PSD18,PSD16,PSD24
Flow  16 LPM for PSD04
         322 LPM for PSD24
Connection 1/4", 3/8",1/2", 1",1"/2" NPT, BSP
Material PTFE or UHMW
Principle Air operated, Electric-controlled
Material PTFE
Working Temperature 100 C
Pump Air Supply 4.14...5.86 Bar
Max Discharge Pressure 5.51 Bar
Suction Lift 4.6 mt.
Capacity 1-50 ml./stroke
Cycles Per Minute 10
Comminication Serial, Ethernet,
                             0-5 V,0-10 V,4-20 mA
Pneumatic Recirculation Pump PSR Accessories Pneumatic Metering Pump PPM100
Principle Air operated, Shuttle drive
Working Temperature 100 C
Working Pressure 4 Bar
Suction Lift 1 mt.
Flow 21.9 LPM. for PSR25
         57.5 LPM. for PSR50
Connection 1/4" FNPT
Material PTFE veya PFA
Fluid path 100% PTFE or PFA
- Pulse Dampeners,
- Pre Filters, Filters
- Back Pressure Regulators,
- Exhaust Valves,
- Fittings.
Closed-Loop Controller,
Cycle-Rate Translator
Principle Air operated, Manual controlled
Materia lPTFE
Working Temperature100 C
Pump Air Supply 4.14...5.86 Bar
Max Discharge Pressure 5.86 Bar
Suction Lift4.6 mt.
Capacity 10-100 ml./stroke
Cycles Per Minute 32
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