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  Ultra High Pressure Pumps

   TEPO Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps are developed for hydraulic pressure generation and measurement from 150 Bar to 3000 Bar. They are high quality
   equipments that are presented together with the measurement manometer and accessories.
   It is used safely in Pressure Test and Calibration processes, Marine, Drilling, Construction or complex repair and maintenance operations.

   - Two-stage high and low volume cylinder reduces usage time,
   - Provides optimum operator performance with low hand force,
   - Auto vent valve,
   - Large oil tank capacity with easy access, filling point,
   - With the Class 1.0 pressure gauge as standard,
   - Sturdy lightweight aluminum handle body.

   Pressure Gauges; Measurement capability up to 3000 Bar pressure. It is made of stainless steel material,
   Hoses; 3000 Bar Pressure and DN4 dimensions. Polymer material reinforced for hydraulic systems; It is suitable for low volume expansion and fast flow.
   Adapters; Hydraulic Adapters for Couplings and Hoses. Made of black zinc plated steel or Stainless steel material and from 150 Bar to 3000 Bar.
   Quick Coupling and Nipples; DN 2.5 Flow Capacity 6 L / min. Max.working pressure 3000 Bar, Its material is hardened steel.
   Gaskets; Manufactured from Rubber, Rubber + Metal, Metal materials in accordance with high pressure Quick Couplings and Nipples..
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